Surveys – lets try something new!

go to google forms or a survey site

create a survey for your topic

10 questions

5 possible answers (likert scale)

Link the survey on this website in the space below

Answer 10 surveys and give feedback

Feedback format:

Was any of the language biased?

Did the survey ask leading questions?

What do you think the outcome of the survey will be.

How to write a survey – LRC activity 1/12/2015

1. Find a website about creating surveys – write what you think is the best rule/advice about survey writing.

2. Find a website about how to write a survey in your specific field (social sciences, humanities) and/or specific topic (social media, animal rights).

3. Write three survey questions.

Post your responses below. 3-5 sentences for each answer. Include websites!

Final Exam

Here’s a copy of the final exam: Research Core Final – Semester One

Here is the link to the APA Literature Review Example:

If you have questions about this assignment, post them here in this format:

Your name, class period and topic. Your question. What you’ve done to answer your question (for example, I’ve gone to three websites to find this, but have only found this……). If you answer another student’s question, you will get extra credit. Next semester, answering question will be a requirement, so getting practice now will be helpful!

Literature Review – Final Exam Semester One

For your final exam, you will write your literature review for your research study.

How to prepare:

1. Gather your sources!

2. Categorize sources by subtopic.

3. Alphabetize sources within subtopic.

4. Use template one (outline) or two (map) for your prewrite.

Here is an example of a lit review:

Here is an example of how to map out a lit review:

Your reflection

Write a brief reflection on the process of making your infographic. This reflection should include:

1. Your name, class period, who you’re working with, and your topic

2. The decisions that you made while creating your infographic (for example, what images and text/words you used, and how you represented your research process and/or topic)

3. The successes of your infographic, including what you did well as a team, and what design decisions worked well

4. What your struggles were; these can be aesthetic (how it looked), or practical (images were hand to find or the infographic website was hard to use)

5. What you would do if you had to do it over again.

You can use these questions as a guide. I recommend copying and pasting to a word document, and then copying the whole thing to the comments section below.

Respond to this by December 5.

Critical Feedback

The most important part of the infographic assigment is the feedback and reflection. After viewing other students’ work, respond to at least to groups’ work in the following format:

1. What you thought the main idea of their infographic was

2. What they did well (be specific – use an example)

3. What they need to work (be specific – use an example)

4. Use at least two specific terms from visual syntax and visual semantics (from the visual literacy whitepaper – pages 3 and 4 – here’s the link:

Post your comments after the students’ infographic so that they can see the comment in relation to their work, and other students are able to reference your post in relation to the infographic you are critiquing.

Post by Thursday, December 4.

Welcome to the research core website!

We’ll be using this site to communicate, share ideas and work, and to get feedback from others.

This is the first part of the creation of a collaborative space for research core. All of the research core students will have access to information posted here.

The second part of this process is to create groups on google drive for your research groups. There you will share information and give feedback to students’ with topics similar to yours.

This is the first thing I’m sharing on this site:

Research Infographic

You’ll be making your own info graphic and presenting it (briefly) the two days of class before the thanksgiving break. You